Producer: Remax

Product code: RMK-K02

Color: Silver

Great features to connect the microphone and sing along with your favorite songs on your mobile phone or tablet, and that's not all about this compact mobile microphone!

Remax RMK-K02 - Compact Size - Only 13cm! Universal 3.5mm AUX connector microphone that is designed and compatible with any device that supports the standard AUX 3.5mm to Micro USB Digital  Microphone socket connection. This microphone delivers high-quality sound recording thanks to a high sensitivity sensor, also includes Sound Effect Equalizer and two 3.5mm AUX IN Sockets to connect earphones or speaker. Cable Clip fixation element. Remax K02 is a very compact (13cm) metallic microphone with a 1.1m long cable and a standard 3.5mm AUX to Micro USB connection, Built-In Li-Ion Battery and Sound Effeect Equalizer.


Possible to use as Mobile Smart Phone Karaoke Soft Microphone - by connecting to the mobile device and downloading the Karaoke mobile application from the Androind or App Store environment - Or just watch your favoitite music Videos on Youtube or playback from Mp3 Collection - As this microphone has 2x AUX outputs.

Possibility to use it as Video Blog / Skype and other Computer program recordings and sound transmitted microphone, which will provide more qualitative sound on a standard desktop microphone thanks to a particularly sensitive noise isolating microphone audio receiver.

Two 3.5mm Aux Plug-In for Earphone or Speaker Connection.

Buil-In Li-Ion battery wich allows to use buil-In Sound Effect Equalizer

Remax is a modern and high quality premium brand from Korea which is covering a wide range of the most important accessories  for mobile phones and mobile devices . All Remax products combines the reliability and durability, which managed to get through attention to the selection of the highest quality materials and components. Remax products has bright and original design and technical solutions, which makes these products unique, and nothing can compare with them.

Technical specification:

Size: 13 x 2,8 cm

Material: Metall

Built-In Li-Ion battery and sound effect equalizer

Connection: 3,5mm AUX Cable

Cable lenght: 1,1m

Package contains: Microphone, Micro USB uzlādes Cable, AUX 3.5mm-Micro USB Cable, User Manual ENG

Packed In original Manufacturers Blister Package

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REMAX K02 3.5mm AUX Microfone for Karaoke & AUX Mobile Devices Equalizer Android/iOS Rechargeable Silver

  • Tootja: Remax
  • Mudel: RMK-K02
  • Olemasolu: 1
  • REMAX K02 3.5mm AUX Microfone for Karaoke & AUX Mobile Devices Equalizer Android/iOS Rechargeable Silver
  • 17.55€

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