Manufacturer: Meguiars (USA)

Product code: G18905

About manufacturer:

Meguiar's appeared in America at the dawn of the automotive industry. Since 1901, it has been one of the first brands to pioneer a culture of car care. At almost every car show and automotive museum across the globe, you will find an abundance of Meguiar's products being proudly used to maintain and showcase the prized vehicles on display. Our obsession with providing everything necessary to deliver that ‘show car perfect’ appearance, has made Meguiar’s the number one choice of elite professional detailers, passionate enthusiasts and car-proud consumers the world over.

Throughout its 110-plus year history, the primary goal for Meguiar’s has never changed; offer exceptional products for every vehicle surface. This includes paintwork, exterior plastics, glass, wheels, tyres and the many different interior finishes. Don’t just take our word for it when we say we offer the world’s best car care products to our ‘passionate fans’, go ask someone who uses Meguiar’s and see what they think.

Meguiar’s advanced chemical technology is what sets our car care range apart from the many imitators. As partner to global powerhouse, 3M, Meguiar’s has at its disposal the scientific and technical might of 3M’s many thousands world-renowned researchers, plus state-of-the-art research facilities. This excellence through innovation, is key to Meguiar’s maintaining its position as the world’s most respected and market leading car care brand.

Features and reccomendations for use

If you have light scratches and scuffs but don’t want to work by hand there’s now a great solution with Meguiar’s Quik Scratch Eraser Kit. This kit includes everything you need to remove light imperfections quickly and easily. The kit comes with Meguiar’s proprietary 4” Scratch Eraser Pad that attaches to a standard household drill greatly reducing the time and effort it takes to remove light defects when used with Meguiar’s ScratchX 2. 0, also included in the kit. Meguiar’s ScratchX 2. 0 contains microscopic abrasives to quickly and safely erase blemishes like light scratches, scuff marks, paint transfer, fingernail marks around door handles, light defects and more! The last component in the kit is a premium microfiber towel to safely and gently remove the ScratchX 2. 0 and bring up a brilliant shine. So, if you have fine scratches and blemishes let the drill do the work and erase them with Meguiar’s Quik Scratch Eraser Kit!

  •  MINIMAL EFFORT: Erase fine scratches And remove paint blemishes quickly and with minimal effort!
  • ERASE SCRATCHES And SCUFFS: Use the power of your drill to quickly erase light scratches, scuffs, paint transfer And more!
  • DRILL ACTIVATED: With Scratch Eraser Pad And Scratch 2. 0, the drill works, so you don't have to!
  • ALL IN ONE KIT: Kit includes everything you need to quickly And safely remove fine scratches And blemishes
  • CLEAR COAT SAFE: Safe and effective on all glossy paints and clear coats  

          All in one kit for safely removing light scratches and scuffs

This inclusive kit supplies you with everything needed to quickly remove light paint defects with very little effort. You supply a standard household drill and then say goodbye to those annoying scuffs, scratches and paint transfer marks that have been preventing your car from looking its best.

Using the power of your drill, Meguiar’s proprietary 4” Scratch Eraser Pad maximizes Meguiar’s ScratchX 2.0 Fine Scratch and Blemish Remover to quickly erase scratches with minimum effort. This combination allows you to safely polish paint and remove defects and blemishes like light scratches, scuff marks, paint transfer, fingernail marks around door handles and more! ScratchX 2.0 contains microscopic abrasives to remove light defects while polishing to enhance depth of shine without harming your paint. After working the ScratchX 2.0 in, the included microfiber towel gently removes the remaining residue to reveal a brilliant shine.

          Meguiar’s Quik Scratch Eraser Kit comes with:

  1. Meguiar’s 4” Scratch Eraser Drill Mounted Pad – Foam attachment that goes on a standard household drill. Pad creates enough friction to remove light scratches, blemishes and swirls in glossy paint finishes, but doesn’t create further swirls or cause harm.
  2. Meguiar’s 4 oz. ScratchX 2.0 – Meguiar’s paint cleaner that contains advanced microscopic abrasives that work to safely remove fine blemishes while restoring paint clarity and providing a brilliant high gloss. Permanently removes defect rather than simply hiding them.
  3. Meguiar’s 16” x 16” Premium Microfiber Towel – Thick, deep dual-sided microfiber pile that absorbs two times more than traditional terry towels. Easiest and fastest way to remove residue from ScratchX 2.0, and very gentle on painted surfaces to minimize the possibility of creating swirls.

          Tips and suggestions for using Meguiar’s Quik Scratch Eraser Kit

  • Shake all products well.
  • Work on a clean, cool surface in the shade.
  • It’s important to mount the Scratch Eraser Pad onto your drill following the manufacturer’s directions. Make sure that the pad is mounted securely.
  • Always use both hands to hold and guide the drill, keeping the pad flat on the paint.
  • Always keep the pad and drill moving. Allowing the pad to remain in one place can overheat the paint and cause damage.
  • Apply a small amount of ScratchX 2.0 to the pad in an X pattern.
  • Place the pad flat on the scratch. Use medium speed and make 4-6 overlapping passes. Repeat as needed until the defect is not noticeable.
  • Remove excess ScratchX 2.0 from the pad by pressing the pad into a clean, damp towel several times. Then, polish the affected area with 4-6 overlapping passes.
  • Remove remaining residue with the microfiber towel.
  • Be sure to follow with a wax like Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax or Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax to put protection back on the paint.

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Meguiars G190200 Quik Scratch Eraser Kit Removes Fine scratches & Remove paint blemishes 311g (USA)

  • Tootja: Meguiars
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  • Meguiars G190200 Quik Scratch Eraser Kit Removes Fine scratches & Remove paint blemishes 311g (USA)
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