Producer: TakeMe

Product code: SV-HK0221

Color: Black

SportVida is a European sports brand with more than 20 years of product development experience. The Sportvida brand has its own product development and test laboratory in Asia, which ensures the application of the latest technology and trends at every stage of product development. High-quality and safe materials are used in product development. The largest Sports Centers in Europe cooperate with the SportVida brand. The main goal of the SportVida brand is to provide the buyer with an affordable price for a quality and tested sports product developed in Europe.

Dumbells set VINYL 2 * 0.5 KG SV-HK0028 PINK

The SportVida dumbbells 2 x 5 kg SV-HK0221 are the perfect athletic equipment to keep you in shape. Made of a very durable material - kevlar concrete and covered with plastic, which also ensures their durability. Ideal for strength training, fitness, aerobics, and rehabilitation purposes.

Ergonomic handles provide a secure grip during exercise, and the hexagonal shape eliminates the problem of rolling the dumbbell on the floor. Thanks to the plastic coating, they do not scratch the surface and minimize noise during exercise compared to metal dumbbells.

Careful selection of accessories is the key to ensuring comfort and safety during exercise. Create your home gym with SportVida equipment, we will help you take care of your body and develop healthy habits.


set: 2 x 5 kg
hexagonal shape
plastic cover

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SportVida 2in1 GYM & Fitness Comfort Shape Dumbbell Set 2 * 5 KG Black

  • Tootja: SportVida
  • Mudel: SV-HK0221
  • Olemasolu: 10
  • SportVida 2in1 GYM & Fitness Comfort Shape Dumbbell Set 2 * 5 KG Black
  • 22.05€

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