Producer: SportVida 

Product code: SV-WO0019

Color: Green

SportVida is a European sports brand with more than 20 years of product development experience. The Sportvida brand has its own product development and test laboratory in Asia, which ensures the application of the latest technology and trends at every stage of product development. High-quality and safe materials are used in product development. The largest Sports Centers in Europe cooperate with the SportVida brand. The main goal of the SportVida brand is to provide the buyer with an affordable price for a quality and tested sports product developed in Europe.

The stunt scooter from the Polish brand SportVida can ride along the streets and ramps, at the same time slide along the entire road, as if it was the only thing it was created for! The one-piece structure with fixed handlebar height makes the scooter withstand high loads.

Every element in this scooter speaks of its aggressive nature and readiness for extreme rides! A steel fork with a reinforced steering wheel mates with a lightweight aluminum deck. Polyurethane wheels with a diameter of 110 mm are paired with high-speed ABEC 9 bearings for a smooth ride. The rear wheel is equipped with a steel Flex Fender brake.

If you are looking for a reliable and powerful stunt scooter that you can rely on anytime, anywhere, then the SportVida Stunt 110 Pro is the perfect choice!


  • Height of the steering wheel from the deck:  76 cm
  • Overall height: 84 cm
  • The width of the steering wheel:  57 cm
  • Clamp Size:  Quadruple
  • Wheel size:  110 mm
  • Wheel core:  aluminum
  • Platform: aluminum
  • Wheel hardness:  PU 88A
  • Bearings:  ABEC-9 RS
  • Brake:  Flex Fender
  • Second clamp included
  • 2x pegs with a set of screws for assembly
  • A special new improved system of sealed bearings for uptime


Are you ready to get carried away? The SPORTVIDA FREESTYLE stunt scooter is here to conquer the world and wants you to come along with it. Our stunt scooter can ride on streets and ramps, while also gliding all over the road as if it were the only thing it was ever made for. It's perfect for advanced riders who know what to expect from a scooter. It is our favorite, which has a combination of strength and lightness, with a durable handlebars and a wide aluminum deck.

Bet on the quality of workmanship!

Materials are one thing, but what would they be without the amazing construction? Thanks to new breakthrough technologies and great ideas, our stunt scooter is built to kick the butt of the competition. Let's start with the highest quality HIC compression system that allows for smooth and great barspin performance. Not to mention the steel fork that adds extra strength to the scooter structure. Finally, there are special handles that are not only super comfortable, but also provide an amazing grip. If you need a kick that you can rely on anytime and anywhere, it will be the best choice.

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SportVida Professional Stunt X-Pro Trick Scooter with Pegs 110mm wheels ABEC-9 bearings 84cm handle Black

  • Tootja: SportVida
  • Mudel: SV-WO0018
  • Olemasolu: 1
  • 104.36€

  • KM-ta: 86.96€