Ražotājs: Vento

Produkta kods:V-ARGONF

Krāsa: Sarkana

Leading Russian manufacturer of fall protection equipment.

The company was founded in 1990 and was originally engaged in the development and production of equipment for outdoor activities related to mountains: mountaineering, mountaineering, etc.

In parallel, we carried out orders of rescue and special units. In 2008, a separate large direction was formed - industrial PPE from falling from a height.


  • Weight (g) - 400
  • Belt circumference, cm - 50-110
  • Leg circumference, cm - 44-65

Completely adjustable seat harness that is specially designed for mountaineering, rock-climbing and tourism. The ARGON F harness is tailored to a woman’s physique.

  • In case of a fall webbing transfers load and distributes pressure over entire surface area of the waistbelt and leg loops due to the frame conctruction technology.
  • Two DUPLEX buckles allow comfortable adjusting of a seat harness and tie-in point to be centered.
  • Construction of ARGON includes 4 loops and many slots for organizing and carrying equipment.

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Vento Argon F Female Seat harness (Belt circumference 55-100cm) (Leg circumference 44-65cm)

  • Tootja: Vento
  • Mudel: V-ARGONF
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  • 60.37€

  • KM-ta: 50.31€