Producer: SportVida 

Product code: SV-HK0210

Color: Orange

SportVida is a European sports brand with more than 20 years of product development experience. The Sportvida brand has its own product development and test laboratory in Asia, which ensures the application of the latest technology and trends at every stage of product development. High-quality and safe materials are used in product development. The largest Sports Centers in Europe cooperate with the SportVida brand. The main goal of the SportVida brand is to provide the buyer with an affordable price for a quality and tested sports product developed in Europe.

SPORTVIDA training band PowerExpander Band

SPORTVIDA training bands are a perfect complement to exercise. You can use them in many ways to diversify your own training. They are highly resistant and at the same time take up a bit of space, so you can easily take them with you when you train, go on a trip or on a trip. Exercises with rubbers engage deep muscles, improve mobility and increase range of motion. For better muscle feeling, you should use them during weight training or use only rubbers at home.

rubber will be perfect as a variety of training, as well as it may be useful during rehabilitation
The rubber works like an expander and allows you to perform exercises involving stretching and sideways movements
high quality materials
thickness / resistance: 4,5 mm
dimensions: 2080 * 28 * 4,5 MM

Green rubber:

  • Tape length: 2008 mm
  • Tape width: 28 mm
  • Tape thickness: 4.5 mm
  • resistance - (17-26kg)

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SportVida Fitness & GYM Expander Rubber training Power band 2080 * 28 * 4,5 MM (17-26kg) Orange

  • Tootja: SportVida
  • Mudel: SV-HK0210
  • Olemasolu: 20
  • 13.46€

  • KM-ta: 11.21€