Manufacturer: Meguiars (USA)

Product code: G14324

About manufacturer:

Meguiar's appeared in America at the dawn of the automotive industry. Since 1901, it has been one of the first brands to pioneer a culture of car care. At almost every car show and automotive museum across the globe, you will find an abundance of Meguiar's products being proudly used to maintain and showcase the prized vehicles on display. Our obsession with providing everything necessary to deliver that ‘show car perfect’ appearance, has made Meguiar’s the number one choice of elite professional detailers, passionate enthusiasts and car-proud consumers the world over.

Throughout its 110-plus year history, the primary goal for Meguiar’s has never changed; offer exceptional products for every vehicle surface. This includes paintwork, exterior plastics, glass, wheels, tyres and the many different interior finishes. Don’t just take our word for it when we say we offer the world’s best car care products to our ‘passionate fans’, go ask someone who uses Meguiar’s and see what they think.

Meguiar’s advanced chemical technology is what sets our car care range apart from the many imitators. As partner to global powerhouse, 3M, Meguiar’s has at its disposal the scientific and technical might of 3M’s many thousands world-renowned researchers, plus state-of-the-art research facilities. This excellence through innovation, is key to Meguiar’s maintaining its position as the world’s most respected and market leading car care brand.

Features and reccomendations for use:

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  •  Mild formula specially designed for cleaning sensitive rims.
  • Safe on all rim types.
  • Gently removes dirt without damaging the surface.  

Hot Rims Aluminum Wheel Cleaner is specially formulated to safely clean unpainted polished aluminum wheels, also suitable for anodized and powder coated wheels.

The composition is safe even for parts of the brake system. Thanks to Xtreme Cling ™ technology, foam sticks to vertical surfaces, effectively clearing brake dust and dirt.

Method: Manual, spray;

Breeding: Ready to use.


Rinse the disc with cold water. Spray the compound onto the surface of the disc from a distance of 15-20 cm. Wait 15 seconds for the cleaning foam to penetrate the dirt and dissolve it.

Depending on the dirt when cleaning, use the Ultra-Safe Wheel Brush or the Versa Angle Wheel Face Brush.

Rinse off the composition with water. Collect any remaining water with a microfiber towel (X2010EU).

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Meguiars G14324 Hot Rims Aluminum Wheel Deep and Safe Cleaner with protection 710ml (USA)

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  • Mudel: G14324
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