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About Samura:

SAMURA — a team of professionals who create uniquely designed, high-end knivesWe started our journey in 2003. We made our first product lines with the Japanese companies MAC and Mcusta. Japanese philosophy and traditions run deep in our DNA. We are absolutely sure that a Japanese knife cuts better than a European one. Japanese knives remain sharper longer and retain their edges longer.

Samura has been making its knives at production sites in four countries since 2010. We are currently producing 18 knife lines and a huge number of kitchen accessories. We use the best modern materials for the handle: Micarta, G10, stabilised wood, plastic with a soft-touch coating, Kraton, and composites.

DAMASCUS 67 knives

Samura 67 is one of the most beautiful and practical knife collections. Sharp blade of damask steel, oval handle, Japanese silhouette of a knife.

You can buy a set of knives from Damascus steel in our company online store.

The set of knives that is most often used in cooking is called the Chef's Three. It includes a vegetable, versatile and chef knife. Usually this is enough to work with any products and prepare most dishes.

Solid, reliable and incredibly effective outwardly knives are often chosen as a gift. Practicality combined with the attractiveness of Damascus steel guarantees the pleasure of the donee!

Each knife is perfectly balanced, so working with them is a pleasure. A small vegetable is designed to peel small fruits and vegetables. Universal is a little longer, and it’s convenient for them to cut almost everything for a salad or soup - as long as there are no bones. Well, the Chef is an opportunity to easily chop the impressive volumes of food preparations (meat, fish, poultry, cabbage, etc.).

Add to this a first-class sharpening and stunningly stylish appearance - and you get the perfect Samura Damascus 67 knife set!

Blade hardness 61 HRC
Blade material Damascus steel
Blade type Knives Set
Handle material Mikarta
Number of layers 67

Materials from Japan. Assembly in China.

Packed in original Samura packaging.

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Samura DAMASCUS 67 Set of 3pcs. knives Utility / Paring / Chef's from AUS 10 Damascus steel 61 HRC (67 layers)

  • Tootja: Samura
  • Mudel: SD67-0220M
  • Olemasolu: 36
  • 114.75€

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