Toote kirjeldus: Laste nutikell Forever KW-200

Resolutsioon:240 x 240 px
Functions:voice and text chat
defining incoming numbers
eavesdropping function
phone book
phone calls
SMS notifications
tracking the route
Additional informations:monitoring of the safe zone
immediate help function
Aku maht:400 mAh
Supported OS:Android 5.0 and newer
IOS 8.0 and newer

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Forever KW-200 Find Me LBS / Sim GPS

  • Tootja: Forever
  • Mudel: Forever KW-200
  • Olemasolu: 2
  • 28.34€
  • 29.00€

  • KM-ta: 24.17€

Forever KW-200 Find Me LBS / Sim GPS