Producer: Platinet  

Product code: PM1061R

Color: Red

PM1061 - Neckband Bluetooth headset is a perfect music product for active people who cannot imagine sports without favorite songs. Earphones deliver crystal clear sound without distortions and in addition are equipped with wind noise reduction system. They are resistant to falling rain and sweat, so you don't have to worry about any damage. Silicone ear buds are precisely shaped to comfortably lie and do not fall out during daily workouts. PM1061Whas a voice command function that allows you to answer or reject a call without using your hands! PM1061W is Neckband  Bluetooth remote and In-Ear headset on Cable - Ear buds has special comfort Fit, for extreme moves! Built-in Micro SD card slot in the remote control, which makes these headphones an independent MP3 player


Wireless earphones with a microphone and a memory card reader.


Cables that restrict movements are not a good solution. Thanks to the Bluetooth technology you will gain freedom of movement, which will facilitate listening to your favorite songs practicing any physical activity.


High-quality membranes with a diameter of 10 mm suppress sounds from the outside. Wind, train or public transport will not be scary. This solution allows you to listen to quieter music, but more effectively.


When the phone rings, you will not have to stop, pull it out of your pocket and carry on the conversation by putting it in your ear. Thanks to the built-in microphone and function buttons, you can receive a call with one click. The comfort of conversation will be ensured by a high-quality, sensitive microphone that collects sound very well and eliminates unnecessary ambient noise.


Sometimes it is worth taking a break - go out, run, without unnecessary technology and load. This allows you to use the PM1061 headphones that have a built-in microSD memory card reader. Just record your favorite music, insert the card in a special reader located on the control panel and press play.


The Platinet PM1061 earphones are made of the highest quality material that will work during intense workouts and on the way to work. . Special, extra silicone tips allow for even better fit without fear of falling out of the ear.


- hands-free
- 3.7V 80 mAh battery
- MicroSD memory card reader
- Standby time: 120 hours
- Playing time: 4 hours
- Range: up to 10 meters
- Weight: 16 grams

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Platinet PM1061R Sports Bluetooth Stereo Headset with Handree & Mp3 Player micro sd reader Red

  • Tootja: Platinet
  • Mudel: PM1061R
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  • Platinet PM1061R Sports Bluetooth Stereo Headset with Handree & Mp3 Player micro sd reader Red
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